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Over the last year-and-a-half the employment sector has changed due to COVID-19, and we understand the transition back to the job market after CERB benefits can be overwhelming.

Integrated Staffing Limited and Accountant Staffing Limited Join Forces to Offer Full Spectrum Service to Clients.

If you had asked any of us in May of 2020, how long we felt the Pandemic would affect our lives, odds are there would be very few accurate predictions.  Here we are in May of 2021, and it’s likely

Reshaping work in 2021 + Integrated Staffing

We're just over one month into 2021, and it’s already shaping up to be one of the most unusual - and perhaps most challenging - years on record for employers. 

As we begin 2021, many continue to struggle with job insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As you’ve probably heard, CERB has expired. For Canadians whose workplaces shut down, slowed down, or closed - CERB acted as a valuable lifeline.

Recruiting new employees is a daily practice for many companies while others may only search for new workers every few years.

Diversity Inclusion Workplace Integrated Staffing Recruitment HR Consulting

Many top performing companies understand the importance of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Covid-19 Interview Virtual Job Search Work Looking for Work ISL

As businesses continue ramping up operations, the demand for new and returning workers across Atlantic Canada has been steadily increasing.

Covid-19 Hiring Job Search Work Looking for Work ISL

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease across Atlantic Canada, there is an increased need for employees to return to work. 

Building a Tailored Reopening Plan

As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted across the Atlantic Provinces, businesses are now challenged with reopening under new public health conditions.

CERB Job Search Recruitment Hiring Staffing Covid-19

As of June 8th, 2020 the federal government announced plans to introduce legislation penalizing those who have defrauded the CERB benefit. 

COVID-19 Labour Shortage Workers Staffing Integrated Staffing

As the local economy begins to reopen, employers face numerous human resources and logistical challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted employees.

Covid-19 CEWS CERB Wage subsidy Emergency Response Benefit

As of May 15th, the federal government announced plans to extend the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) until the end of August.

man wearing face mask and washing hands

We are truly facing an unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of our families, our businesses and our communities.


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